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African American Essay

Working with African American men as an advisor its important to have a key intend to have the option to work around there personality. African American men not the slightest bit needs to feel put down or not in charge. African American men needs to play the â€Å"head of the family unit role†. As per this contextual analysis I might want to do pretending so the two people can have a superior seeing how the other feel. Larger part of the treatment meetings would be pretending with some discussion meetings. I might want to assume the go between job in this particular case and give schoolwork assignments to the couple. Given that I don’t consider Sue to be the issue the meeting would generally be equipped towards Jeremy. Given the Chinese culture I am progressively stressed over how treatment will function for Jeremy. Chinese culture †¢Small quantities of close, long lasting companions who feel profoundly committed to give each other whatever help may appear to be required. †¢Relationships with others include proportional commitments. †¢Avoid face to face showdown, open analysis, and questionable themes. †¢maintain amicability †¢Faith in close to home connections than in composed principles and methods for organizing associations. Questions I might want to address 1. Before marriage how did Jeremy about an interracial youngster? 2. What has affected Jeremy thinking on having a kid? 3. Why has the elements of the relationship changed since Sue guardians moved to a similar city? 4. Has Sue guardians been an impact on their relationship? 5. Has Sue talked about her interests to Jeremy about their marriage? 6. How was Jeremy and Sur relationship preceding marriage? 7. How does Jeremy family feel about his marriage? 8. Other than the issue with having a kid, what different issues is the marriage confronting? 9. Jeremy working more hours, is that discretionary or compulsory? 10. What are some of Jeremy worries about having a bi-racial kid?

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A Framework for Effective Communication Skills Research Paper

A Framework for Effective Communication Skills - Research Paper Example The structure centers upon the five ‘Is’, for example, cooperation with the patient, building up the aim of the connection, arranging upon the sorts of mediation procedures utilized, assessing the effect of such sorts of intercession and surveying the ramifications of the data that has been assembled and subsequently taking activities as needs be (Hamilton and Martin, 2007). The article attempts to center upon the way that it is huge for the medical caretakers to speak with the patients by utilizing various aptitudes so as to guarantee the patients that the social insurance professionals are there to help the patients both mentally and truly considering the patient’s condition of wellbeing. The article additionally attempts to recognize that the patients must be offered opportunity to communicate their feelings of trepidation, stresses, tension, and concerns assuming any so the medicinal services experts can distinguish the main driver of the issues winning with the patient (Hamilton and Martin, 2007). It is critical for the medical caretakers to distinguish that furnishing the patients with data should be objective coordinated action. The aims behind the association with the patients should be recognized. On the off chance that such goals can be distinguished by the specialists, at that point they will be equipped for assessing the effectiveness of their contact with the patient.â

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Market overview for elevator products and services

Market review for lift items and administrations Total worldwide interest for lift/elevator items and administrations is anticipated to increment 5.6% every year through 2009 to more than $20 billion. Filling additions will be monetary recuperation and extension in the develop markets of the created world, combined with progressing industrialization among the less propelled nations of Asia. The world lift showcase rose at a moderately sound pace all through the vast majority of the 1990s in a by and large enthusiastic worldwide macroeconomic atmosphere. Fundamentally solid monetary development in creating nations was quickly hindered in 1997-1998 by a money related emergency overwhelming numerous East Asian and Latin Americans countries, just as Russia. Aftermath structure the emergency proceeded to unfavorably affect the lift advertise into 1999 and 2000, as patterns in the lift showcase will in general slack advancements in the large scale economy by a couple of years. Hence, as the developing business sector started to recuperate, development in Western Eur0pe and North America was discouraged in the wake of the worldwide financial log jam hastened in the US, despite the fact that by 2004 a recuperation was clear in many markets. In the created world, increases will mirror a normal recuperation in office development, as opportunity rates descend in major worldwide money related focuses, for example, Tokyo and London. Over the long haul, improvement of the private part, particularly in the to a great extent undiscovered US showcase where single-family homes prevail, will likewise make openings, bolstered by again populaces and guidelines, for example, the Americans with Disabilities Act. In Europe, appropriation of new EU-wide security guidelines for existing lifts will reinforce the modernization/overhaul administration portion. The quickest development is foreseen on the planets creating locales Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In creating nations, showcase extension will reflect expanded urbanization, as practically all structures in enormous third-world urban communities require lifts. Reseller's exchange administrations are likewise not settled, even in increasingly created nations, for example, South Korea and henceforth offer a sizable potential market which major worldwide providers, for example, OTIS are effectively attempting to create. China, which has just developed as the biggest worldwide lift advertise in unit terms, will keep on logging hazardous increases, with the beginning of a rewarding help secondary selling supporting the powerful OEM business. Practically 50% of the expansion in traveler and cargo lift unit deals will be inferable from China, where per capita lift utilize stays under 10% of that commonplace of Western Europe. TABLE III 1 WORLD ELEVATOR MARKET BY REGION (billion dollars) Thing 1994 1999 2004 2009 2014 World Urban Population (mil people) 2516 2811 3119 3443 3790 Bldg. Build Expend (bil 2000$) 2900 3324 4254 5270 6661 $ lift/urban capita 10 11 12 15 17 $ lifts/000$ build 8.6 9.0 9.1 9.6 9.9 World Elevator Market 24.9 30.0 38.5 50.5 66.2 North America : 4.0 5.0 5.8 7.4 8.9 US 3.6 4.5 5.1 6.5 7.8 Canada Mexico 0.5 0.5 0.7 0.8 1.1 Western Europe : 11.7 13.8 16.1 19.3 23.0 Asia/Pacific : 6.5 8.0 12.4 18.4 27.0 China 0.9 1.2 3.5 6.9 12.3 Japan 4.5 5.3 6.4 7.9 9.5 India 0.4 0.6 1.2 1.7 2.5 Other Asia/Pacific 0.7 0.9 1.3 1.9 2.7 Different Regions : 2.7 3.2 4.2 5.5 7.4 Latin America 1.0 1.1 1.4 1.9 2.5 Eastern Europe 1.2 1.4 1.8 2.3 3.0 Africa/Midest 0.5 0.7 1.0 1.3 1.9 Source : The Freedonia Group, Inc. Outline III 1 WORLD ELEVATOR MARKET BY REGION, 2009 ($50.5 billion) Source : The Freedonia Group, Inc. 3.1.1 Regional Profile Given the modernized economies, all around created mechanical and business segments, prosperous shopper populaces and exceptionally advanced structure/nonbuilding development foundations set up all through the created world, most OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) nations keep up huge markets for lift/elevator items and administrations comparative with populace and size of the economy. These incorporate the US, Western Europe, Japan (the biggest worldwide market in esteem terms, mirroring the countrys matured, urban populace and severe wellbeing guidelines) and Australia and New Zealand. The countries of Eastern Europe, particularly Russia and sure of the other progressively industrialized conditions of the previous Soviet Union, likewise involve markets of some hugeness, however they will in general be a lot littler in both outright and relative terms than those of the significant Western nations. Nonetheless, the quickest developing markets for lift items and administrations are regularly found inside the creating districts, particularly Asia and to a lesser degree Latin America and Africa/Mideast too. As various nations inside these areas work to industrialize their economies, they are confronting rising framework development and modernization necessities, which has prompted broad structure development movement. Another key part of the industrialization procedure in many nations is expanding urbanization, as people and family units relocate from provincial territories to urban communities to take part in the becoming monetary open doors accessible there. Such elements are decidedly associated to the advancement of business sectors for development related items like lift frameworks; additionally, as the quantity of frameworks introduced builds, markets for related support/fix and in the long run modernization, administrations will in general rise as per usual. 3.1.2 Multinational Parameters Trade Flows Like most ventures, the lift business has gotten progressively universal in scope in ongoing decades. The physical idea of lift/elevator framework to a great extent, cumbersome, including various segment parts, and so forth., renders them not effectively transportable. Likewise, lift makers regularly like to have neighborhood fabricating limit, which permits them to all the more likely fulfill nearby necessities (e.g., guidelines and principles) and develop worthwhile secondary selling administration connections. All things considered, outside exchange in essence isn't as broad in the business as in most solid products fabricating organizations. Remote exchange is some what progressively common in the new parts and segments sections of the business. Be that as it may, global venture on part of the main makers (and even a couple of the medium sized and littler ones) is incredibly common. This appears as immediate responsibility for based auxiliaries, fabricating offices and different resources and after deals adjusting and specialized encouraging groups of people. Additionally, as of late there has been an exertion with respect to significant makers, for example, OTIS and KONE to combine their worldwide activities and move creation ability to bring down cost settings in the creating scene, which has expanded the significance of cross-outskirt exchange. As the worldwide lift industry keeps on rebuilding and merge, the command post of tasks of the significant players is getting progressively less pertinent to the serious elements of the business, with a bunch of global organizations ruling the business in most geographic regions particularly as for item producing. The administration section remains impressively generally divided, however it also is uniting quickly. As worldwide organizations maker and introduce their frameworks in given nations, they have an immediate motivation to put resources into after deals overhauling systems in these nations too, which is likewise provoking solidification in the administration section of the business. Such elements are required to turn out to be more as opposed to less articulated going ahead, as the financial aspects of the business favor enormous organizations with a global reach. 3.2 Demand by Product Service Lifts, elevators and related items are utilized to truly move people, cargo and in some cases different things starting with one spot then onto the next inside a structure, office or some other assigned spot. The development happens either vertically (on account of hoisting and lifting gear), at a slope (elevators) or on a level plane (moving walkways). Lifts and elevators are in this way necessary segments of numerous sorts of structures, particularly those with various floors or levels or potentially including a broad measure of physical space. Total world interest for lift items and administrations is anticipated to increment 5.6% every year through 2009 to more than $50 billion, an improvement from the 1994-2004 pace. Energizing additions will be a rise in new framework establishments, going with expected recuperation in nonresidential structure action in Japan, Western Europe and the Americas. This will assist with counterbalancing some easing back in private structure development, which is a significant pointer of lift request outside of North America . Forestalling quicker gains particularly on the items kick the bucket is the high level of development of the lift/elevator showcase in the created world, which has provoked driving sellers to target high development advertises in the Pacific Rim and other creating territories which hold the best potential for gradual increments in new establishments going ahead. Likewise energizing development will be mechanical advancements in letter age framework including microchip based controls and sensors, remote checking, robotized execution and produce further interest, at both the new establishment and modernization/redesign parts of the bargains. What's more, retrofits to follow changing construction regulations and government commands will revive the update/modernization administrations showcase, particularly in North America and Western Europe. TABLE III 2 WORLD ELEVATOR EQUIPMENT SERVICE MARKET (billion dollars) Thing 1994 1999 2004 2009 2014 Bldg Construct Expend (bil 2000$) 2900 3324 4254 5270 6661 $ lifts/000$ development 8.6 9.0 9.1 9.6 10.0 World Elevator Market 24.9 30.0 38.5 50.6 66.3 Gear : 8.8

Physics in Light- Intensity

Examinations in Light Intensity Change through Angular Displacement Guiding Question How does the power of light change as the edge of occurrence to the light source increments? Forecast of Results Predict what you think will occur and what sort of condition and chart may best fit the information speaking to the power of a light as the edge of rate increments. Objective After finishing this exercise, an understudy ought to have the option to break down light force striking a surface at different points of incidence.Materials CBL, TI-83 Plus adding machine, light sensor, light with light (60 to 100 watts), measuring tape, Scotch tape (or comparable), protractor, piece of paper, ANGLE program, day by day log Vocabulary the ordinary edge of occurrence intermittent sinusoidal relapse Introduction You have finished an examination of light power changes with fluctuating separation. You will keep researching force changes, yet now you will take note of the difference in power as light strik es a surface through expanding points of incidence.As Figure 1 demonstrates, the edge of occurrence is the edge at which light strikes a surface. The ordinary is a nonexistent line opposite to the plane on which light strikes. The point of rate is the edge between the ordinary and an occurrence (that is, an approaching) light beam. Point of rate Normal Incident Light Ray Figure 1 As the edge of episode light increments, is it increasingly sensible to believe that its force increments or diminishes? As you consider this inquiry, consider whether you are bound to get a burn from the sun in the late night when the sun is low not too far off more prominent occurrence point) or at early afternoon when the sun is all the more overhead (littler frequency edge), as outlined underneath? Is it generally more sultry around early afternoon or in the late night? Night Sunlight Noon Sunlight If you presume that force diminishes with expanding point of frequency, you are progressing nicely. Expect ing for the occasion, at that point, that the light power (I) diminishes as the edge of frequency (a) builds, we can say the connection among force and occurrence edge are conversely corresponding over the edges involved.But you may take note of that as the sun ascends through the morning and afterward sets toward the night, its edge of rate diminishes, arrives at least around early afternoon, and afterward starts to increment again into the night. That is, the rate point begins at dawn at a limit of 90⠰, diminishes to a base until early afternoon (close to the equator it diminishes to 0⠰, yet not in Alaska), and afterward builds back to a most extreme to 90⠰ at sunset.You can see that this cycle rehashes itself time and: the rate edge starts at a greatest, at that point diminishes to a base, increments to a greatest, etc. Figure 2a underneath shows simply such a cycle. Force, be that as it may, changes as the backwards of the frequency edge, so is spoken to in the Figure 2 b cycle. Morning Noon Evening Figure 2a †Changing Incidence Angle Morning Noon Evening Figure 2b †Changing Light Intensity This pattern of rehashing occasions is called intermittent and you may perceive the bends as sine waves.Here is a condition that depicts power as a sine wave: I = sin(a) (force is corresponding to the sine of the frequency point, a). It is essential to recall in this correlation that the point as for the sun will consistently be somewhere in the range of 90⠰ and 0⠰. This implies in the event that we decide one fourth of the period (or cycle), at that point we can know through relapse investigation what the remainder of the bend should resemble. You will finish an examination that does precisely this: decide the force of a light as the edge of rate changes from 0⠰ to 90⠰.

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Report of cyclone efficiency method

Report of twister productivity strategy Conceptual:      This report is worried about violent wind effectiveness. The strategy twister is utilized to expel particles from vaporous waste streams in the trial. In light of the writing search, more information has been thought about molecule gathering and molecule estimating. Subjective strategy is utilized to depict the molecule size dispersion utilizing the ELPI gadget. The twister effectiveness results are investigated with diagrams and conversation. Remarks on the most proper strategies for control of particles of the size are given finally in the segment of conversation. Presentation: Foundation: Air contamination is man-made unsafe materials and points of interest noticeable all around, which produce disadvantageous impacts to people groups wellbeing. It is a major issue, in any case, open was not centered around air contamination until 1969. Prior to that time, the air contamination expanded drastically. We unthinkably take care of the air contamination issues by overwhelming the noxious air and the particles noticeable all around. The most significant thing is whether we could control them by diminishing toxin outflows. Air contamination issue is certifiably not a solitary issue, yet a progression of related issues. The general air issue essentially incorporates the accompanying structure, emanations, transport, weakening, and change in the air, which consequences for individuals, property, and nature. We are probably not going to locate a decent and simple approach to take care of every one of these issues. Rather, we should make a few stages to accomplish the objectives, for example, doing some exploration on particulate expulsion from vaporous waste streams with the goal that we can improve the air quality. Name of Technology: Cyclones This sort of innovation is a piece of the gathering of air contamination controls on the whole alluded to as pre-cleaners, since they are periodically used to lessen the gulf stacking of particulate issue (PM) to downstream assortment gadgets by expelling bigger, rough particles. Tornados are likewise alluded to as violent wind gatherers, typhoon separators, divergent separators, and inertial separators. In applications where numerous little twisters are working in equal, the whole framework is known as a various cylinder violent wind, multi-typhoon, or multi-clone. Kind of Technology: Evacuations of PM by divergent and inertial powers are prompted by driving particulate-loaded gas to alter course. Material Pollutants: Tornados are utilized to control PM, and essentially PM more prominent than 10 micrometers (Fm) in streamlined measurement. In any case, there are high productivity tornados intended to be compelling for PM not exactly or equivalent to 10 Fm and not exactly or equivalent to 2.5 Fm in streamlined distance across (PM10 and PM2.5). Despite the fact that tornados might be utilized to gather particles bigger than 200 Fm, gravity settling chambers or straightforward force separators is typically good and less subject to scraped area. Reachable Emission Limits/Reductions: The assortment productivity of twisters fluctuates as an element of molecule size and violent wind plan. Violent wind proficiency for the most part increments with molecule size as well as thickness, gulf channel speed, typhoon body length, number of gas insurgencies in the tornado, proportion of twister body breadth to gas leave measurement, dust stacking, and perfection of the twister inward divider. Typhoon effectiveness will diminish with increments in gas thickness, body width, gas leave distance across, gas gulf pipe territory, and gas thickness. A typical factor adding to diminished control efficiencies in typhoons is spillage of air into the residue outlet. Control proficiency ranges for single violent winds are regularly founded on three orders of tornado, i.e., traditional, high-productivity, and high-throughput. The control proficiency run for regular single tornados is evaluated to be 70 to 90 percent for PM, 30 to 90 percent for PM10, and 0 to 40 percent for PM2.5. High proficiency single tornados are intended to accomplish higher control of littler particles than traditional typhoons. Synopsis: This test is centered around the estimating of airborne residue or showers and with one explicit technique for particulate expulsion from gas streams (a violent wind). Our significant points are to survey conceivable residue risks when taking care of powders, the effectiveness of channels and different arresters and evaluate the properties of vaporized. Writing Search: Control of essential particulates:      Most of the fine particles noticeable all around are auxiliary particles. A considerable lot of the essential particles are more poisonous than most optional particles. In spite of the fact that essential particles are commonly bigger than auxiliary particles, numerous essential particles are sufficiently little to be respirable and are in this way of wellbeing concern.      The initial three sorts of control gadgets are gravity pioneers, twister separators, and electrostatic precipitators. All capacity is driving the particles to a strong divider, where they hold fast to one another to shape agglomerates that can be expelled from the assortment gadget and discarded. Picking a Collector: Gravity settling chambers, violent winds, and ESPs work by driving the particles to a strong divider where they structure agglomerates that can be gathered. These three gadgets have comparable plan conditions. Channels and scrubbers separate the stream. They have distinctive plan conditions from divider assortment gadgets and from one another. Both surface and profundity channels are utilized for molecule assortment. Surface channels are utilized to gather a large portion of the particles in an intensely loaded gas stream. Profundity channels are generally utilized for the last cleanup of air or gas that must be extremely spotless or for fine fluid drops, which mix on them and afterward drop off. To gather little particles, a scrubber must have a huge relative speed between the gas being cleaned and the fluid drops. Hence co-stream scrubbers are regularly utilized. The endeavor scrubber is the most generally utilized sort of co-stream scrubber. Molecule Size Analysis: In many powder and material handling tasks, molecule size and size circulation assume a significant job in deciding the mass properties. Depicting the size dissemination of the particles which make up a powder is in this manner focal in portraying the powder. In various mechanical applications, a solitary number will be required to describe the molecule size. This must be done precisely and effectively with a mono-sized circulation of circles or solid shapes. Genuine particles with shapes which require more than one measurement to portray and genuine powders with particles in a scope of sizes imply that by and by the recognizable proof of single number to depict the size of the particles is a long way from clear. Detachment of Particles from a Gas: Gas Cyclones Gas Cyclones Description: Tornados are widely utilized for expelling particles from gas stream. The most widely recognized sort of violent wind is the opposite stream type. Channel gas is brought digressively into the round and hollow segment and a solid vortex is made inside the violent wind body. Particles in the gas are exposed to diffusive powers which move them radially outwards, against the internal progression of gas and towards within surface of the tornado on which the solids independent. The heading of stream of the vortex turns around close to the base of the tube shaped area and the gas leaves the violent wind by means of the outlet in the top. The solids at the mass of the typhoon are pushed downwards by the external vortex and out of the solids exit. Gravity has little impact on the activity of the violent wind. Effectiveness of Separation:      Consider a twister to which the solids mass stream rate is M, the mass stream released from the solids leave hole is Mc (known as the fine item). The complete material parity on the solids over this violent wind might be composed: Total: M=Mf+Mc and the ‘component material parity for every molecule size x (accepting no breakage or development or particles inside the tornado) is: Component: M (dF/dx) = Mf (dFf/dx) + Mc (dFc/dx) where, dF/dx, dFf/dx and dFc/dx are the differential recurrence size circulations by mass (for example mass portion of size x) for the feed, fine item and coarse item separately. F, Ff and Fc are the combined recurrence size appropriations by (mass portion not exactly size x) for the feed, fine item and coarse item individually. Exploratory:      Remove and recheck the channel and the container. Figure the productivity of violent wind. The instrument EPLI which is broadly utilized for deciding close to constant estimations was utilized to do this examination. It can gauge particles inside the size range 30nm up to 10um based on their streamlined width. In this analysis, two sorts of particles, MgO, and fly debris particles were estimated by the demonstrator. What's more, four gatherings of information were acquired in this test, the initial two gatherings are for fly debris particles and the subsequent two gatherings are for MgO. Results: During activity particles are drawn through a charger where they will get a charge, before going into the impactor which contains various stages, every one associated with a multi-channel electrometer. Contingent upon the streamlined size of the particles they will be affected on the various stages. The present qualities got from the various stages are changed over to a size appropriation, a diagram of which is appeared in Figure 1. Three sorts of molecule have diverse pinnacle estimation of number focus. The pinnacle estimation of MgO is around 2000 particles/cm3, fly debris molecule is around 1500 particles/cm3, and Atmospheric molecule is over 2500 particles/cm3. The pinnacle of fly debris particles is lower than MgO particles. Conversation: It tends to be seen from Figure 1 that there are obviously covering size dispersions present in the example of Atmospheric particles, MgO particles and fly debris particles. Genuine examples consistently contain particles with more than one source. Barometrical residue may for instance contain dust just as poisons. The size dissemination will at that point have two pinnacle esteems. In this examination, f

Love and Money A Brief History of Dowries

Love and Money A Brief History of Dowries Love and Money: A Brief History of Dowries Love and Money: A Brief History of DowriesAfter a strong 3,000 year run dating back to Ancient Babylon, the practice of wedding dowries is finally going out of fashion for the most part.Figuring out money stuff when you’re marriedâ€"or getting marriedâ€"can be tough. You and your partner could be bringing two entirely different mindsets to the table, not to mention all your bank accounts, debts, and various assetsâ€"and yes, those mint condition Pokemon cards do count as assets, thank you very much.But what if your family was required to make a payment to your partner’s family in order for you to get married? Imagine how stressful that would be. Welcome to the wild world of dowries. What is a dowry?Dowries are sets of assets (money, material goods, real estate) that a bride’s family gifts to a groom when the two are wed.The purpose of a dowry is often threefold. First, it gives the bride and groom the money and goods that they will need to build a home together. Second, the lo ss of a dowry gives the bride some manner of protection in cases where her husband becomes abusive and/or the marriage ends in a divorce.Dowries are conditional gifts, meaning, in essence, that the rule of “no takebacks” does not apply. Takebacks are very much on the table. In the case that a husband and wife divorce, the husband is expected to repay the dowry to the bride’s family.Lastly, dowries can serve as a kind of enticement to potential grooms, as a larger dowry could make a family’s daughter seem more marriageable. We won’t go into this too deeply as, frankly, the implications here are kind of gross.The opposite of a dowry is a “bride price,” also known as a “bridewealth.” As you might have deduced from the name, this is money that the groom would pay to the bride’s family in order to secure her hand in marriage. Once again, the implications here are … not great.Dowries are a tale as old as time.Dowries are an ancient practice. They’re practically as old as civilization itself. We’re not joking. Rules regarding dowries can be found in the Code of Hammurabi, one of the earliest sets of written legal codes known to man.Hammurabi was the king of Babylon, ruling from 1792 to 1750 B.C. This means that the Code of Hammurabi is almost 3,000 years oldâ€"and the customs surrounding dowries likely existed for centuries before being codified in the Code itself.According to the Code of Hammurabi, a father whose daughter dies after she is married has no claim to her dowry if she has borne sons. The dowry belongs to them. However, if the man’s daughter dies before bearing any sons, then the dowry must be repaid to himâ€"so long as the father has first repaid his daughter’s “purchase price” to the husband.Dowries were also commonplace in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. While couples in modern-day society often marry for love, ancient marriages were more like business arrangements. In this context, the inclusion of a dowry and/or a bride price makes a lot of sense: Its an exchange of assets in order to facilitate the desired merger.And dowries weren’t just a European thing, either. They were used in one form or another all across the world, including in Asia and Africa. Dowries are mentioned in the Quran and they were considered an important marriage custom in Ancient China. The only thing that varied from culture to culture was whether dowries were preferred over bride prices.Some of these medieval dowries were pretty nuts.Dowries persisted throughout the Middle Ages. And while dowry practices were often found across all rungs of societyâ€"with the size of the average dowry varying based on the social status of the people getting marriedâ€"it’s the dowries for the noble folks that are most closely recorded.And, wow, some of these dowries were extremely lavish! How lavish, you ask? Imagine getting married and your dowry including, say, a hefty chunk of France. That’s exactly what King Louis VII got wh en his dad, Louis VI, married him off to Eleanor of Aquitaine, whose dowry included, well, all of Aquitaine.The thing about dowries, however, is that they revert to the bride’s family if the couple gets divorced. So it was for Louis VII, who lost Aquitaine when he and Eleanor divorced in 1152. Aquitaine was included again when Eleanor remarried, this time to Henry Plantagenet, the Duke of Normandyâ€"and future King of England.Another notable medieval dowry belonged to Violante Visconti, who married Lionel of Antwerp (Duke of Clarence and son of King Edward III), whose package included 100,000 gold florins and a whole bunch of territory owned by her father, the Duke of Milan. When Lionel died soon after their marriage, his family refused at first to the return the dowryâ€"in part because they thought the Duke of Milan had poisoned Lionel.Before we jump forward to modern day, we also want to shout out Joan of Beaufort, the niece of King Henry IV who married the future King of Scotla nd, James I. The two had met while James was being held in captivity by the English, and got married upon James’ release. James still had to pay back his ransom in a series of installments, one of which was discounted. That discount was Joan’s dowry. Ah, young love!Dowries are mostly a thing of the past … mostly.In western culture, dowries are mostly a thing of the past. Why? Well, marriages today are rarely an arranged contract between two families. Instead, people marry for love! As arranged, formal marriages have gone the way of the dodo, so has the need for dowries and bride prices.However, this isn’t true the world over. Despite dowries having been illegal in India since 1961, for example, they are still quite commonplace because Indian society still practices arranged marriages. If you want to learn more about modern dowry practices in Indiaâ€"and the many issues that can arise from themâ€"check out this great essay from Kavya Sukumar on learn more about the financial side of history, check out  these related posts and articles from OppLoans:The Secret Financial History of VotingIs There a Secret Money Lesson Hidden In “The Wizard of Oz?”Is Valentine’s Day a Fake Holiday?25 Little-Known Presidential Money FactsDo you have a financial history topic youd like us to cover? Let us know! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.  |Instagram

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Importance of Reading Books Essay - 275 Words

Importance of Reading Books (Essay Sample) Content: Importance of Reading Books:StudentInstitutionAbstractPeople have questioned the importance of reading from time to time. This is because of the availability of a myriad of activities that people can engage in during their free time. Reading serves various purposes including passing time, extracting information, and acquiring knowledge. Books also serve as a source of entertainment and pleasure. This essay aims at proving that reading is essential for individual well-being.The art of reading enables people to become conscious and global citizens. In this age of information and globalization, localizing the mind to own world and environment significantly limits the options available in life. However, through literature written by commended writers, people can cross cultural and geographical boundaries from their homes and become part of the "global village". Additionally; since it is not possible to travel everywhere on earth, reading can fill the gap created by lack o f travel.In addition to literary works, people should develop interest in reading magazines, journals, and newspapers. This will ensure access to current issues happening across the globe and advancements made in various fields. Reading can help keep abreast of new trends in the fields of science, ...